Rules are meant to be broken

imageDo any other mothers out there feel like they aren’t doing “enough”??? I am ALL for not letting your baby see the television for the first 5 years or only feeding organically grown unprocessed whole foods until they are 19 and choose to move out of the house and eat frozen pizza for every meal. And I THOUGHT that’s how my world in motherhood was going to go. WRONG. Now granted I maybe could have tried a liiiittllleee harder in some areas but…let’s get real here for a second. YOU JUST TRY TO SURVIVE. (That sounds dramatic and like I hate my life….it’s very much the opposite!) but we ALL, whether we admit it or not, have days where we just want to take a shower cause it’s been…well you don’t remember how long it’s been…and you think you’ll get it done during nap time but that either doesn’t happen or you have to do the GINORMOUS pile of laundry first so you can even reach the shower and by the time you get that done nap time is over and you think “what’s one more day in this sweatshirt”. However, there comes a point in life, at least for me, where I think “just sit in your saucer and watch Super Why and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for a little bit so I can try to scrape off this mixture of grease and whatever Ev has had for lunch the past couple days out of my hair.” Do I feel bad that I’m using the TV as my babysitter for a half hour??? To be honest…not really. Call me a horrible mother but my child is happy and safe and I can smell like green apples for…an hour. In my book that’s a win win. I guess what I’m trying to say (if nothing else but to just make myself feel better) is that it is OK to break your own rules as a parent sometimes. I think it is HEALTHY for everyone involved to not drive yourself crazy and be so ridged about following the “rules to raising a heathy child” that it ends up backfiring on you. ENJOY the crap out of your kids. They are life’s biggest blessing. And don’t worry about that high fructose corn syrup they had that one time (or 6 or 10 times). Make memories with your children. Make sure they remember that they are ALWAYS loved and ALWAYS cared for and that life is too short to not break the “rules” every once in awhile.


3 months!

My baby boy turned 3 months old today!! I can’t believe how fast time as flown by. I know by saying that I will get some eye-rolls and a “wait until he’s 18…then you’ll really be wondering where the time went”… but whatever. I’m saying it. And he has changed so much in just 3 months its crazy! I’ve been a bad mom and haven’t don’t a baby book or anything like that so…I guess I’m going to try and use this thing to do my documenting….cause lets face it….who has time to actually print pictures and put them into albums and cut out cute little sayings and document their child’s firsts?? ….oh, a lot of people? well….sorry dude, I gave up scrapbooking about 3 pages into my first scrapbook in 3rd grade.

Image He was such a little peanut when he was born! only 5lbs 12oz. But he stole my heart the second I saw him!! I mean would you just look at that face!!

 Image one month old and drowning in his newborn clothes!!

Image two months and starting to smile!! 🙂

Image my beautiful little buddy! 3 months old!! smiling all the time and starting to giggle!

I love you mister man SO much!! I can’t wait to see all the new things you’ll learn this month!!

Keep it simple, Stupid.

I know it’s been way too long since I’ve posted on here…..I guess I felt like my thoughts and happenings in my life weren’t worth documenting. I didn’t feel like I had much to say or have a desire to share those thoughts. But now, the desire has come back. I don’t know how long it will last or if I will even end up hitting the publish button on this, but it does feel good, in this moment, to be on here again.

I feel like there are moments in my life where reflection and contemplation are at a standstill and other times when it’s all I’m consumed with. Recently, it has been consuming. Maybe it’s because of all these new trends out there and people talking about loving yourself and others well. Maybe it’s because I am a new mom and have just now begun to realize what true sacrificial love really is. I don’t know. But what I do know is that my all-consuming thoughts have been that I want to make sure that I’m being the best me I can. And that is hard to do when you don’t really know who you are. That “who am I?” question can be super overwhelming. So I decided to K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, stupid).

I am a Christian.
I am a wife.
I am a mother.
I am a daughter.
I am a sister.
I am a friend.

And I want to be awesome at all of those things. But I constantly feel like in one area or another I am falling short. What I’m beginning to realize is that I feel this way because I’m too focused on what I’m not instead of what I am. Why, if I’m so concerned about being the best of all the above mentioned do I spend so much of my time and thoughts on things that wont help me in those areas? I want to be a good cook and have delicious healthy meals ready by the time Dan gets home from work. I want to be in-shape and be the “exercise type”. I want to look pretty (which by the way is like really impossible to do with a new baby….it’s like the one time in your life that you SHOULD be showering at LEAST twice a day…to get the thin layer of poop and drool and spit up and sweat off that is covering you at all times but you’re lucky if you get at least two showers a week. tops. I think to myself, “can other people smell me too? I should probably shower…..but that will wake the baby…and then he’ll cry right when I’m trying to shave my legs so I’ll only get one shaved and that will look funny…so…I better just skip the shower. Another layer of deodorant and some perfume will be just fine.”) But trying to be all of that all at once is hard.

Instead of dwelling on the things I’m not, I am going to try hard to focus on the things that I am, learning to forgive myself for my short-comings and utilizing the strengths and abilities God has given me to live each day with joy and happiness.

July 4th Weekend

This would probably be more accurately entitled “fireworks” since that is pretty much all that took place this weekend. I’m pretty sure that if you are a boy anywhere from the ages of 4 to 17….or 50, the 4th of July is like Christmas….or better. What could be more fun than lighting something on fire and watching it explode?!? 

ImageA wagon full of fireworks was just not going to be enough so we had to make an emergency trip to stock up on a few more.


Future pyro’s in the making. 


Notice all the debris. This was after about the 3rd time sweeping up the driveway because there was no room left to light off more fireworks. 

I think 2 full days of constant fireworks would make Uncle Same a proud guy. I’m sure it was not so good for our hearing…or making friends with the neighbors but they sure had FUN! And isn’t that what be an American is all about?? I think yes. 


I’m not one for surprises usually but this surprise was a pretty good one. I’m sure everyone who will read this (my mom) already knows this news, but Dan and I are going to be parents!! That’s right. See look I have proof:



and here is more proof to show that I didn’t just copy and paste that picture from google images:



We couldn’t be more excited for our little nugget to arrive in December….or maybe January…my due date is December 28th and they tell me that’s basically just a guesstimation so we’ll just have to wait and see 🙂 

Also…that whole “pregnancy glow” thing is a crock. I’m pretty sure in those first 13 weeks I have never felt less glowy or more nauseous in my entire life…the kid is already grounded for a week for making me feel like death. (Totally worth it when baby gets here I know…but still..rude.) Here is a throw back picture of me that I think really captures how most of that first trimester was spent:



Clutching a bottle of Philips and sipping on some OJ….

THANKFULLY I am feeling much better than that now but I still don’t believe in that pregnancy glow thing. Now I mostly just feel bloated and tired and hungry. Ahhh…such is life.

Fun fact: I am 15 weeks today and baby is the size of a large orange! Only 5 more weeks until we can find out what we are having 🙂 

Top 10 List

There are about 10 million excuses for why i haven’t blogged in a such a long time. Here are my David Letterman top 10 reasons why I haven’t blogged:

10. I haven’t had motivation to blog. (I realize that blogging usually takes place while laying in bed or on the couch… yup….i’m just THAT unmotivated.)

9. My computer is from the Stone Age and takes 20 minutes to turn on, 5 mins to connect to the internet, and 3 minutes to load the page I want to go to. 

8. It’s finally been nice outside and I’d rather go for a walk or lay in the sun.

7. “I’m too hungry to blog right now.”

6. I do the same thing day in and day out and need new material (or just get a life). 

5. “I’m too tired to blog right now.”

4. I don’t have sweet pictures to put in my blog…and a blog without pictures is l.a.m.e.

3. “Let’s go to Tutti Fruiti instead”

2. Sometimes facebook and instagram are all that I can keep up with.

1. I may or may not have forgotten the password to log in. 


Is this thing still on??

In the words of my awesome cousin Rodney Johnson…”Well, well, well….look what the cat dragged in!” I don’t even know if I remember how to do this anymore….I apologize in advance…I’m probably a little rusty after this month long sabbatical. So to ease myself back into this new world again I’ll start of easy with a few pictures of my life recently:

Image This is me and my best friend cousin David at his senior “prom”. Doesn’t he look sharp? He loves dressing up. 


These are two of the coolest most awesome girls I know. Doesn’t Kelsey (middle) look so beautiful!?!? AND it was her birthday this night!! Happy very very very belated birthday! 🙂


Dan’s aunt and uncle and little cousin came to visit us in Fargo a few weekends ago! They are SO awesome and we had so much fun!! We took Frankie to the Zoo and this is him riding the carousel. 



Frank wanted Dan to read him a book before bedtime. I love everything about this picture! 🙂 



My aunt Rosie graduated from graduate school last weekend!! We are all so proud of her! Love you Rosie! 

Image The quality of this picture is horrible but I just love it so much I had to post it! Seems like just yesterday….You haven’t changed a bit daddy-o!! 🙂